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The now-iconic Xbox tone and voice started right here.

Xbox Gamercrest

Dead Rising 4 (Campaign)

If the holidays have ever stressed you out, this will resonate. Featuring cutting-edge tech, sound design, and creative direction, this dark take on the holidays delighted gamers for the entirety of the holiday season.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider

Hype for the third Tomb Raider needed special treatment. Gamers received this exclusive interactive peak into Lara's final gritty chapter, and all of the new skills that would come with it.

Mass Effect: Andromeda

For Mass Effect: Andromeda, we invited gamers  to travel beyond the stars and all we know as pioneers of the cosmos.

State of Decay 2

For the apocalyptic MMO, we reminded the American gaming audience that at the end of the world, the call will always be coming from inside the house.

Xbox Wormhole

We partnered with LA-based street artist Jeff Soto to create a seamless psychedelic experience featuring scenes and characters from Xbox titles.

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